Self-Centered Christianity

“Prosperity Gospel” seems to very popular today. I actually think “Self-Centered Christianity” would be a even better term to describe the more general kind of false gospels, in which the center of worship is “self”.

Self-ceneterd Christianity centers on the self’s narcissistic needs and egoistic fulfillment. It is all about me, me, and me. Self-helping; self-empowering. Self-ceneterd Christianity replaces Christ with things He gives us. Instead of focus on the Lord, it asks you to “count your blessings”. Surely, we ought to thank Him for His providence of all things, yet we need to know that, whether we have these things or not, He always remains as our all in all. Jobs would be a great book to expand on in this matter.

Self-ceneterd Christianity also tempts Christians to “leave the Church”. Technically, one cannot un-join the Church for once they give their lives to Christ, they cannot be separated from Him. However, they may stop meeting with other believers. Some Christians say that they have never been able to find a church that they like; some say they do not enjoy the music (be it too “traditional” or too “contemporary”); some say the people’s doctrines are all off. In the end, it is all about me, me, me. But the Church exists for Christ. The Bride is for Him. The Church is not just a community where you join for comfort. I am not saying the Church should not satisfy us; indeed, it should, at all times, for we are to be satisfied in Christ and in the Church in whatever situations we are in. Nevertheless, many cannot find such satisfactions because their seeking is not grounded in Christ; their seeking is based on their “self-preference”. Thus, they either abandon meeting with one another, or end in slander and jealousy because of their inability to submit to one another.

2 thoughts on “Self-Centered Christianity

  1. Too often people come to church, expecting to get something for themselves. Sometimes it’s social prestige, other time it may be feelings the worship songs give us, or it might be the feeling of being righteous, true Christian.
    This is sad, that instead of worshipping God, we worship ourselves.

    1. Thank you sister for your comment! I truly agree with you. May more come to realize we are to use God to worship ourselves but are to pursue Him .

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