Only God Saves

No matter what political view each of us holds, the present social situation should lead us to remember what is eternal and what is not.

We should remember nothing saves except for the Lord himself.

We should remember no system, no government, no man-made religion can save us.

We should remember human intelligence/wisdom/philosophy cannot save us.

We should remember man-made approach to righteousness cannot save us.

We should remember God-centered approach to social justice is not the same as a man-centered approach to social justice.

Nevertheless, it does not mean we do not speak against corruption. We are to help to poor and the oppressed. However, let’s not forget, our Christ is not limited. He can manifest himself through the Church under all kinds of systems and environment.

Let’s fix our eyes on what is eternal but not what is temporary. Vanity comes from things that don’t have an eternal, divine value. Only Christ is eternal and priceless.

2 thoughts on “Only God Saves

  1. Great post! Watchman Nee has a great chapter on this tension in his book The Normal Christian Faith called “Towards the World.” He talks about how the two comings of Christ solve two different problems—the individual problem of sin and the collective problem of society. Likening sin to salt, he says something like: The first coming of Christ made the “fish” no longer “salty.” His second coming will make the “sea” no longer “salty”.

    • Dear brother Kyle! Sorry it took me forever to reply. I have always enjoyed Brother Watchman Nee’s work! Praise the Lord. I mentioned about you to Evan (I go to USC) today during our Bible Study. Jesus is Lord in Texas 🙂

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