Revise Us Again by Frank Viola

June 05, 2015.

haven’t been so enchanted by a book like this before for years. I downloaded it from Kindle. I literally could not stop until I hit the very last page. Highly, highly, highly recommend Frank Viola’s “Revise Us Again” to any believer. Here are some great quotes,

“Christian leaders have been telling God’s people that they must ‘be like Christ’ for the last six hundred years (at least). The well-known book by Thomas à Kempis, The Imitation of Christ, was published around 1418. Some 480 years later, Charles M. Sheldon’s book In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do? was published. Ever since then, Christians have been trying to “do what Jesus did.” But this ‘gospel’ hasn’t worked. The reason? It’s an instance of asking the wrong question. The question is not ‘What would Jesus do?’ I believe it’s “What is Jesus Christ doing through me … and through us?’ Jesus made pretty clear that we cannot live the Christian life. Instead, He must live it through us. Jesus Christ lived His life by an indwelling Father. In the same way, we as believers can live the Christian life only by an indwelling Christ.” (pg 58)

“No individual has God’s mind. But then Paul makes this remarkable statement: ‘But we[PLURAL] have the mind of Christ.’ We, corporately- as His Body- possess the mind of Christ. Incredible.” (pg 24)

“Now what caused God to rest? Humanity. God saw His image in the earth. Behold. I show you a mystery. When God sees His image in the earth, He can rest.” (pg 102)

Chapter 7, “Captured by the Same Spirit You Oppose”, blows me away. It aptly describes how pride is stopping the Lord’s working in so many situations and how we should respond to it. No one is immune to pride, and this pride has been my personal experience in which I find myself being hurt and hurting other members simultaneously.

“Every church tradition, movement, and denomination has a valid contribution to make to the body of Christ. Some more than others, for sure. But there’s GREAT DANGER in MAKING OUR CONTRIBUTIONS ABOUT CHRIST MOER IMPORTANT THAN CHRIST HIMSELF.” (pg 96)

“If you’re a person who will one day mentor others, I have a sobering warning. If your ego hasn’t been annihilated by the cross of Jesus Christ, you will end up becoming a Saul in the lives of those who are just as, or more gifted than you are. When God begins to elevate them in His service, you will go insane.” (pg 92)

“With every new seeing of the Lord, there is temptation to become proud of that new seeing.”

“Like any sin or shortcoming, none of us is immune (to pride). Each of us needs a steady dose of God’s infinite grace to avoid falling sway to it.” (pg.88)

“Let me pass on a word of advice. If you ever hit a fork in the road with people with whom you do church (whatever that looks like), there’s one sure way that the Lord can get what He wants. Drop whatever is causing the problem, and let it go into death. There is nothing for us to cling to except the Lord Jesus Christ. Nothing. So let that other thing that is causing division go into death. Give it up, and watch what the Lord can do. This is the principle of DEATH AND RESURRECTION. Whenever we place something into death, if IT WAS BORN OF CHRIST TO BEGIN WITH,  IT WILL REUTRN AGAIN. It will come forth out of the ground. But when it comes forth, it will always look different from what it looked like before it died. “

LOL I am like advertising for him but seriously, this book is a gem, at least for me, in so many ways. Revise Us Again by Frank Viola

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