Some Contemporary Christianity Problems

The following are just some reflections gathered from experiences of my own and my friends to show some of the contemporary problems of Christianity, among churches or individual christians. Some may always have been here since the beginning of the church age but still, may we ask the Lord,Examine me, O LORD, and test me! Evaluate my inner thoughts and motives!” (Psalm 26:2 NET – love the translation on this).

Examine us Lord,

…when our delight in the word of God does not lead us to the ultimate delight in Jesus Christ.

…when our love for the Scripture does not lead us to love God, His people, and our neighbor more.

…when we read about what others say (in the form of books, sermons, or blogs…etc) about the Bible more than the Bible itself.

…when we constantly quote from the Scripture just to win an argument.

…when we constantly want to win an argument instead of gaining a brother or a sister.

…when everything we say is scriptural but we show little or no grace.

…when we believe God needs defending. God needs not a defense but an expression of Him and His essence.

(*I am not speaking of the “defense” as that practiced by Paul. Paul’s defense – which consists of proclaiming, reasoning, and testifying about Christ with the Holy Spirit in love and grace – is not close what many of us do today – to debate and to argue in human eloquence and brain knowledge.) 

…when we only read or listen to our favorite writers or teachers.

…when we read a book or an article, and see some disagreement, we tell ourselves that we will never read or recommend stuff written by this person again.

when when we listen to a sermon or a message, instead of seeking to learn, we rate or comment excessively on whether the speaker or the message is good or bad.

…when we read or listen something, we are only reading or listening to find faults and flaws in others.

…when we choose to “go to church” based on who the preacher of the day is (in the context of, for example, when a celebrity preacher will be teaching).

…when we choose to “go to church” based on who the “worship leader” that day is (in the context of, for example, when a celebrity singer will be leading; may not apply to house church).

…when we interact less with brothers and sisters with physical disabilities, autism, social anxiety, and so on.

…when we interact less with brothers and sisters who has less income, education level, or social status.

…when we say to ur brothers and sisters, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs (James 2:16).

…when a brother or a sister has not come to meetings for awhile, and instead of reaching out to him or her, we shake our head and sigh, “what a backsliding and worldly Christian”.

This list shall continue…

One thought on “Some Contemporary Christianity Problems

  1. What I have to say is: “Have mercy on us oh Lord when we are found to be guilty of the acts listed above. Help us to attain a pure heart so we may behold Your Lovely face. Amen.”

    This is medicine for the heart my Dear Sister, medicine for the heart.

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