A Week At Hookses

June 10 – June 16, 2017

It was one of the most wonderful weeks in my life. Six of us, along with three older brothers and sisters who were there to teach us, spent a week together in “The Hookses” in Wales. “The Hookses” was a house surrounded by nature where John Stott wrote many of his books. His grave can also be found in the village nearby.

Although John Stott was widely known for his prolific work, many remember him as a “man of grace”. My week at “The Hookses”, just like my past two years in this church family, was also filled with love and grace. Inside the lovely house, there were many precious photos of Stott and friends as well as a tall bookshelf consisting of spiritual books written by a wide range of authors. A lover for bird-watching, Stott’s book, “The Birds Our Teachers”, can also be found here.

During these six days, we prayed together, we sang together, we shared every single meal together, and we studied the Scripture together. Some of us didn’t know each other beforehand, but because of the shared life of Christ, we opened up to one another easily. The beautiful nature surrounding us was nothing but a depiction of “heaven-meets-earth”. The time I spent with these brothers and sisters was also nothing but a foretaste of the new heaven and new earth to come.

Everyday, we spent the morning and early afternoon on studying God’s word. Afterwards, we went out to enjoy the nature and rest. We covered many topics in our studies: from God’s Kingdom to practical tools to read the Bible; from discussing what the Church is to exploring how to express God in our daily work life.

My favorite part is God’s Kingdom, which was the first topic that we covered. We spent about two days on it, using primarily the book God’s Big Picture by Vaughan Robert. It is an excellent book that deserves much more recognition that it has at the moment. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anybody.

Written in a way that is easy to understand, Robert’s book clearly presents the overlooked fact that the binding theme of the Bible as one big narrative is the Kingdom of God. He used the definition of God’s Kingdom as that given by Graeme Goldsworthy, that God’s Kingdom is “God’s people under God’s rule in God’s place”. With the aid of this book, we studied how Jesus Christ fulfills all the promises in the Old Testament. Robert constructed a wonderful chart to explain how the Kingdom of God has progressed,


Regarding practicals skills to read the scripture, we used primarily the book, How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth by Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart.

I have attached some photos below. By the way, there is also a video on Youtube showing the sweet time Stott and his friends had there.





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