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“So when you step outside your church gathering and look around the street, imagine what it’d be like when this street is filled with the images of Christ. The potential and capacity of those are still wandering around to bear the divine image should capture us.”

♥ In the Midst of Musical Pursuit
Peeling off my old self one layer by one.

♥ Back to First Love
Took me awhile to realize my mistakes.

♥ Judging the Teaching or the Motives
They are not the same thing at all.

Condemnation or Conviction
The Spirit convicts, not condemn.

♥ The Church Life Together
Extracted words from Wayne Jacobsen and Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

♥ Church Be: Exercising
A church that exercises priesthood.

♥ Church Be: Expectant
A church that expects His return.

♥ Ranking Sin
Why I rank spiritual pride as #1 (and of course there is no such ranking).

The Biggest Obstacle
Turn your “But I” into “But Christ”.

Never Be So Certain
Because you could be wrong.

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