“We are co-dependent, of one flesh and bone.”


We are family, without words it’s clear.

You, my brothers are a delight to our hearts

How can we do without you my sisters?

The bond that is between us, the love that is within us

Is not something we could have conceived

For it breaks down every barrier.

We are family by Divine blood, the blood that Jesus shed.

Drawn out of every tribe, out of the darkness we all have fled.

Education and wealth, and all forms of status cannot stand between us.

We beheld His Glory and were captivated by His Love.

Our encounters were different but the result was the same.

We are unified by Divine passion, Lord Jesus alone has flooded our lives.

We are co-dependent, of one flesh and bone.

Just like Him, we are living stones

And these stones make a house whose foundation is the Rock.

We are forged together, a household…

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