From Sinners To Image-Bearers

We Christians like to repeat the phrase that we are all sinners. It is true. But when as I was walking on the street full of people the other night, I suddenly visualized the street as one that was filled with the glory of God radiating through men. I envisioned everyone walking in their true identity: image-bearers of God.

After all, the Bible does not begin in Genesis 3, but Genesis 1. God created us to contain and represent Him. How glorious that would be if the whole world was filled with people reflecting Him! In the words of C.S. Lewis, we are all designed to be little Christs.

The New Jerusalem, the garden-city where God will dwell among His people forever, will be such a place that is filled with these little Christs who are one with the Lord. It is great that we now see all are sinners who have fallen short of His glory (and we should always have the mindset of Paul who regards himself as the worst of all sinners). But what is even greater is to desire all men to recover their identity as image-bearers of God. The potential and capacity of those who are still wandering around on the street to bear the divine image should capture us!

We don’t guilt people to Christ. I hope that we can be so filled with Christ that when people see us, they will be so attracted to say, I want to know this Christ. I want to reflect this Christ. I want to express this Christ. I want to bear the image of this Christ.

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