According to The Light Given

Has it ever occurred to you that, you want someone to come to faith so badly, and he or she does seem to be responding, but then you are just not sure if the person is “really saved”? We turn even more anxious if the person is someone who is near the end of his or her life.

“He doesn’t really grasp the notion of trinity though.” 

“She didn’t really pray that sinner’s prayer though.” (I am not a fan of this, but it seems like a good example.)

So is he in? or is she out?

Our worry does little good, though. Here is the comforting truth: God will judge according to the light each one has been given. As we continue to be “dispensers” of Christ’s light which shines through us, we can safely leave the rest to the Lord.

P.S. One night, I suddenly broke down during prayers. There are several people who have been so exceptionally dear to my heart that I want them to come to Christ sooner. I was groaning for I had uttered all that I could in words already.

In despair, the Lord spoke, do you really think I love them any less than you do? 

The God that I trust and pray to, is the God whose love is beyond our comprehension. His love, as Ephesians 3 writes, surpasses all our knowledge. And yes, God does love the ones whom we love much more than we do. So much more.

5 thoughts on “According to The Light Given

  1. Dear Keri, such a situation as you wrote about can be confusing. What scripture says about the fruit that follows being born again is key. For guidance in dealing with the situation. In addition, the Spirit’s witness is great for dependence. What are your thoughts about these?

    1. Hi Aghosa, great to hear from you again. I definitely agree with you that fruit of the spirit should follow if we truly feed on Christ. I do think however there is a difference between our one-time eternal salvation vs day-to-day salvation (the “work out our salvation” in Philippians 2). Like myself, although I had been saved for many years since little, I didn’t really demonstrate much fruit as evidence of my salvation because I tried to live my spiritual life on my own; in other words, I resisted the Spirit’s working in and through me. Nevertheless I don’t believe that means I wasn’t saved.

      My main point behind this post, though, is that I think sometimes we try too hard on setting our own “criteria” on drawing the line of salvation. For instance, to expect a person new to faith or say, people from my grandparents’ generation, who have lived under a regime that encourages a complete loyalty to a political ideology and party without any free thinking, to suddenly devote their whole beings to Christ without any reservation, seems a bit too much to me. Of course with Christ all things are possible, but again, I do find different people respond differently and it is the best to leave the “judging” to the Lord. Just my two cents 😊.

      1. Dear Sister, “the Lord knows those who belong to Him…” (2 Timothy 2). We can be sure of that. Sometimes, we don’t even have a clue with regards to certain things that relate with the faith.

        I think it is possible for someone to believe in the Lord Jesus but unfortunately live his/her life in a manner unfit for the King of Glory. However, I do not know how long Father’s pardon may be on such a one.

        But different cases may lead to different results. For those who were blessed to continuously receive the sincere milk of the word, yet did not respond by faith to walk in it (to conform to it), I think it is the case of “to whom much is given, much is required”. In the light of your post, it will be: “according to the light given”.

        For those who did not receive that much, yet turned to the Lord and held to Him, He will require just as much from them.

        I sincerely cannot provide an in depth answer to the core question myself but I can bank on the Father’s knowledge.

        How then did the saints of the first century test the newly professing believers and even found some to be insincere? They must have had an understanding from the Lord.

        In addition, maybe we can only know the depth of such waters by relying on the Spirit who searches the depths of the heart and bears witness to the truth. I believe our Father will grant us more discernment as we get consumed with Him more and more. We may then see clearly as He sees and apply justice with His Wisdom.

        I am thankful for every opportunity I have to converse with you. It is a great privilege. I pray to have more brethren here in Nigeria with whom I can enjoy great fellowship in Christ.

        By the way are those “two cents” from the future? They definitely translate to millions today.

      2. Thanks for such thoughtful comments! I echo with your words much and they lead me to reflect on one of my favourite Psalms:

        Psalm 139:23-24 “Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”

        May this be our prayer everyday.

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