Seasons of Darkness

Before my dear friend passed away last year because of cancer, she told us, “If I don’t memorise the Word now, I fear that when I go blind, I will have nothing to hold fast to.”

Bear in mind most of the times she did not even have the strength to pick up the spoon to eat or grab her pencil to write her diary.

Those who follow Jesus will not always experience triumphs in life. There are always  seasons of joy and seasons of sorrow. That’s life. That’s how we enter into deeper union with Him.

In our times of darkness, when we are confused about our ways, when are feel distant from God, the word of God enters in as the life-giving Spirit.

I remember this same sister told us how, before cancer began its affliction on her, the Scripture often appeared as dry letters, yet during her time of suffering, they became alive to her. The letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.

One of the most popular songs from Hillsong’s new album, There Is More, is “I am who You say I am”. Although “New Wine” is always my favourite, I find the concept behind “I am who You say I am” powerful. The word of God defines who we are, for we can find who we truly are only  in Christ.  

In times of darkness, remember His goodness.

In times of darkness, don’t isolate yourself from saints.

In times of darkness, preach the word of God to yourself.

I love how author Frank Viola once says we ought to remind each other more of who we are in Christ – not so much what we should do, but who we are, first and foremost.

As Derek Prince once writes, we can turn the bad into good by first proclaiming the Word – of what Jesus has done and who we are, entering into His gate with thanksgiving, and praising Him in the midst of all things. In our times of darkness, hold fast to what the word of God, or actually, Jesus Christ Himself, says you are. Confess with both your mouth and you heart. Cry out and receive.

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