Spiritual – Godly – Human

“Knowing God’s disapproval of sin, we often strive to become more ‘Christ-like’ and ‘godly’. Yet, Jesus Christ is both God and human. If we are to become more Christ-like, we will only become more human than before. As Eugene Peterson writes, ‘We don’t become more spiritual by
becoming less human’…”

I recently submitted an essay to a contest. I have never felt so strong about what I have written. Although I cannot publicly put it up online, these few sentences were what popped up in my mind when I first started writing this paper. Hopefully I will always remember, just as God is the Father, the Son, and the Spirit, true “spirituality”, “godliness”, and “humanity” all go together. The more “spiritual” and “godly” we become, the more “human” we are.

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