Tired of Serving

Friends coming from at least four different traditional Chinese churches have shared that young people are getting tired of “serving” in their churches. The same dry systemical routine leaves them dull and weary, and with their struggles come more guilt – be it self-imposed or from others.

As I listen, I also ponder, what leads us to our tiredness and boredom from “serving”.

When we get tired of serving, it does not necessarily mean we are too busy. It does not necessarily mean we are not gifted enough. It also does not necessarily mean we have bad motives or are lazy.

Perhaps some of us are looking for a living Christ more than a dead programme, more than a dead routine, or a mundane ritual?

Perhaps we are looking for loyalty to Jesus rather than to a scheme or to an organisation?

Regardless of what reason it is to each specific case, Christ has to be the source. He is the source of love, life, and strength. Instead of renewing a responsibility-check or a “worship plan”, we need a renewed vision of Him.

We need to be recaptured His love and captivated by His beauty every single day.

It really struck me the other day that, before asking Peter to “feed his sheep”, Jesus asked him if he loves Him for three times. His primary question was if he loved Him, not if he knew Him well enough, or if he had all the charismatic leadership qualities.

All things, from wanting to know Him to depending on Him, from loving our fellow brothers and sisters as well as loving our neighbor, they all find their root in our love for Him.

Perhaps He asked Peter three times to remind him his three denials of Jesus. But even if so, Jesus did not have the intention to guilt him but to show him grace, that the prerequisite to “feeding the sheep” is primarily our first love for Christ instead of having lived “a perfect Christian life” without failure. 

Let’s go back to our first love when we find ourselves weary and drained, for indeed He is the source of life, love, and light!

2 thoughts on “Tired of Serving

    1. Thank you Paul, sorry that I just saw this comment. Wanna also share a quote I read by Oswald J. Smith, “God does not want our service, He wants us.”

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