About Keri

Thank you for stopping by. Born and raised in Hong Kong up until the age of 16, I am a student in London majoring in Musicology and PianoI love reading, writing, song-writing, playing the piano, and baking.

I love to read diversely in regards to Christian writing. . The authors that have had the most impacts on me however are probably A.W. Tozer, Andrew Murray, Brother Lawrence, Oswald Chambers, Watchman Nee, John Stott, and Eugene Peterson. Others include Tim Keller, Tim Chester, Frank Viola, Scott Sauls, John Piper, Ray Ortlund, Scot McKnight, Tim Mackie, and N.T. Wright, etc. No need to agree with all they teach to appreciate them.

Some of my favourite quotes:

  • Too many behave as if they believed not in the priesthood of all believers but in the papacy of all pastor. – John Stott
  • It’s hard to throw stones if you’re busy washing feet. – Luke Lezon
  • That’s the whole spiritual life. It’s learning how to die. – Eugene Peterson
  • Learning Christ is discipleship; learning about Christ is scholarship. – Len Sweet
  • Deliberately reject every source of strength but Christ. – Raymond Ortlund
  • Human history is a shipwreck awaiting rescue: but the port of salvation is not the goal; it’s to resume the journey toward union with God. – Hank Hanegraaff
  • Ring the bells that still can ring.
    Forget your perfect offering.
    There is a crack in everything.
    That’s how the light gets in. – Anthem, Leonard Cohen
  • My life is a witness to vulgar grace – a grace that amazes as it offends. – Brennan Manning
  • Our hearts of stone become hearts of flesh when we learn where the outcast weeps. – Brennan Manning
  • We don’t become more spiritual by becoming less human. – Eugene Peterson
  • When the grace of Jesus sinks in, we will be among the least offended and most loving people in the world. – Scott Sauls
  • Waiting in prayer is a disciplined refusal to act before God acts. – Eugene Peterson
  • If the Christian life looks too hard, we must remember that we are not called to live it by ourselves. We must live it by the Spirit of God. – John Piper
  • The gospel of Jesus Christ is more political than anyone imagines, but in a way that no one guesses. – Eugene Peterson
  • By the flesh, the best sermons are only ever so-so. By the Spirit, the worst sermons are still sow-sow. – Glen Scrivener
  • Grace is not opposed to effort. It is opposed to earning. – Dallas Willard
  • Christ became what we are that he might make us what he is. – Augustine
  • The older I get, the more I meet people, the more convinced I am that we must only work on ourselves, to grow in grace. The only thing we can do about people is to love them. – Dorothy Day
  • Humility is nothing but the disappearance of self in the vision that God is all. – Andrew Murray
  • The highest glory of the creature is in being only a vessel, to receive and enjoy and show forth the glory of God. It can do this only as it is willing to be nothing in itself, that God may be all. Water always fills first the lowest places. The lower, the emptier a man lies before God, the speedier and the fuller will be the inflow of the diving glory. – Andrew Murray

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