About Keri

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I am a postgraduate student in London majoring in piano. Previously studied in Los Angeles and was raised in Hong Kong. My favorite composers are J.S Bach, Schumann, Brahms, and Scriabin, but my love for music is not limited to the classical genre. I love jazz. I love pop and rap music in the 90s’. I like OneRepublic and The Script. I love both traditional hymns and contemporary Christian songs such as the ones by The Gettys, Stuart Townsend, CityAlight, Shai Linne (Yes I love hip-hop), and Hillsong. I also love to read. J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis have been my favorite authors since I was 10 (however I still have not read any “Christian books” by Lewis). As for Christian authors today, I really like reading work by Tim Keller, Tim Chester, and Frank Viola.

I started this blog just to share a bit of the Christ in me. I find writing much less burdensome to me in comparison to speaking to others face-to-face. It was not until probably two years ago that I finally overcame my fear of talking to people on the phone (not just strangers, but friends also). I recently just overcame my another strange habit: setting my phone to airplane mode throughout the day to avoid being overwhelmed (risking communications, I know!) Lord have mercy am I strange. Finally, please give me grace if you disagree with any of my writing 🙂 Also, the photographs used in this blog were all taken by myself in various places, heh.

There are a few posts that I draw experiences from my own spiritual life if you want to know more about me:

In the Midst of Musical Pursuit 

♥ Back to First Love

Never Be So Certain

Condemnation or Conviction

I Am a Heretic

A Dream of Mine

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