Petite Thoughts

Jewish Vision of Nationhood Through the Eyes of Moses Mendelssohn

Spiritual, Godly, and Human

With All The Saints.

Sin as “Incurvatus in se”

1 John 4:12 Through the Eyes of Victor Hugo

Jesus Wept.

Do You Agree With This Statement?

From Sinners To Image-Bearers

Grace and Power Go Together

Brotherly Love Out of God Never Fails

President Duterte: “By the way, I believe in God. But Priests?”

Never Be So Certain

One Quality of Leaders

For a Little While

Communion as Expression of Union

Only God Saves

Jesus the Carpenter

Petite Quotes

God Invented Matter and Friendship: Wisdom From Lewis and Hill

On Being Human by C.S. Lewis

God’s Community: Wisdom from Wayne Jacobsen and Bonhoeffer

The Message

Just Everyday Life

Season of Darkness

Assigning Motives

According to The Light Given

Pierced Through Singing

All Things Work Together For Good

In the Midst of Musical Pursuit

Back to First Love

Scriabin and Starbucks

Church Life

Tired of Serving

ONE. Weekend Away 2018

The Deeper Christian Life Conference

Us Against Them

A Week At Hookses

Last One. Sunday 2017

Theological(?) Topics

All Israel Shall be Saved

No Longer Bothered By “Who Are The Least of These?”

The Fullness of God

The Cosmic Lordship of Christ

Honouring One Another

The Bible Begins and Ends With a Marriage: Wisdom From Keller and Viola

Our Union with Christ: Acts 9 and Matthew 25

The Chinese Translation of “Prophet” and “Prophecy”

Complementarity Without Hierarchy

The Goal of Spiritual Gifts

The High Priest After the Order of Melchizedek

Love, The More Excellent Way

The Matter of Christmas

Books Reflections

My Favourite Books 2017

Simply Good News by N.T. Wright

Subversive Christianity: Imaging God in a Dangerous Time by Brian Walsh

Revise Us Again by Frank Viola

Love That Lasts by Jefferson and Alyssa Bethke

Eat This Book by Eugene Peterson

You Can Change by Tim Chester

The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence