“So when you step outside your church gathering and look around the street, imagine what it’d be like when this street is filled with the images of Christ. The potential and capacity of those are still wandering around to bear the divine image should capture us.”

The 2017 Deeper Christian Life Conference
I so miss the Christ in one another, and I look forward to the conference next year.

♥ Grace and Power Go Together
A simple lesson from Acts.

Brotherly Love Out of God Never Fails: 1 Corinthians 13
Our brotherly love flows out of God’s love that never fails. And if it fails, it is not of and from God. How we need to abide in Him!

What You Do to the Brothers and Sisters, You Do to Him
Hurting our brothers and sisters are hurting the Lord. Loving the body of Christ is loving the Lord.

My New Favorite Christian Band: CityAlight
Wonderful words set to beautiful tunes!

 Pierced Through Singing
The word of God pierces even to dividing soul and spirit, even as we sing.

 The Church Life Together
Extracted words from Wayne Jacobsen and Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Us Against Them
On the “us against them” within the Church.

President Duterte: “By the way, I believe in God. But Priests?”
May we trust in God but not man-made “priests”, because all who partake of Him are God-made priests.

“The Bible Begins and Ends With a Marriage.”
We are indeed of His body, of His flesh, of His bones. We love you, Lord Jesus.

A Week At Hookses
A lovely week of sharing the life of Christ together at Hookses, where John Stott wrote most of his books.

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All Things Work Together For Good
It is not a cliché.

The Biggest Obstacle
Turn your “But I” into “But Christ”.

Never Be So Certain
Because you could be wrong.

The Message
We thank God for Peterson and his faithful work.

Some of My Favorite Contemporary Praise Songs
They serve the purpose of both praising God and teaching men.

Two Dreams of Mine
Sharing my two “divine dreams”

Complementarity Without Hierarchy
The title explains my view.

 Last One. Sunday of 2017 (With Audio!)
Let every nation, tribe, people and language praise Him.

 In the Midst of Musical Pursuit
Peeling off my old self one layer by one.

 Back to First Love
Took me awhile to realize my mistakes.

The Chinese Translation of Prophet and Prophecy
Results in a misconception.

Breaking Fellowship
A post that I pray may not offend the easily-offended.

Some Contemporary Christianity Problems
Reflections from my friends and I.

Scriabin and Starbucks
On boycotting.

One Thing I Forgot About Communion
The union with Christ and with saints.

Lessons from Social Media
Never get enough of these lessons.

I Am a Heretic
I am a heretic, so is Graham, Keller, Stott…


 Christ in You, Christ in Me
Alive in Christ. Letting Christ be alive in us.

 Jesus Christ: The Tree of Life
A type of Christ.

♥ Jesus Christ: The Real Temple
A type of Christ.

 Jesus Christ: The Last Adam and The Second Man
A type of Christ.

 Church Be: Expressing
A church that expresses Him and His kingdom.

 Church Be: Exercising
A church that exercises priesthood.

 Church Be: Expectant
A church that expects His return.

 Two Interesting Prophecies
Do not despise prophecy!

 Go To The Brother
A principle that we sometimes forget.

 Judging the Teaching or the Motives
They are not the same thing at all.

Condemnation or Conviction
The Spirit convicts, not condemn.

 Ranking Sin
Why I rank spiritual pride as #1 (and of course there is no such ranking).

 Self-indulging Debate
Debating for God or debating for my own indulgence?

 For a Little While
Means a lifetime.